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I still tried to eat my treat, but it came back up on me. I horfed, and that sucker flew out of my mouth along with a bunch of mucousy looking gunk. Naturally, that made both me and Angel hungry all over again and we raced to see who'd be the first to gobble that prize down, but Beard got their first with a paper towel and wiped it up. In fairness, he did give me another treat, but it didn't go down as well as that pile of vomit would have. Posted by Stewart Chihuahua at Thursday, November 27, Happy Thanksgiving.

Dave Vs. Dave: July , | Narbonic: Director's Cut

Tuesday, October 28, Scary Halloween Story by a guest blogger. You gonna guess, or what? Now that doesn't happen very often. Actually it's never happened. But Beard said he appreciated it because the Alleycat had given him a Halloween story and it was awfully scary.

I know he tends to spell out words like that when he's complimenting me. He doesn't want me to get a big head. Gotta love that in a Beard Face, right? Anyhoo, without further ado, hey, that rhymes here's a story by our first guest blogger. The Creature of the Night. One night Angel decided to tell her two young puppies a story.

The two pups perked their ears. It was a stormy night and I was all alone in the old house where I used to live.

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It was my job to guard the home when the family was away. We Chihuahuas are not very big but we are brave. I perked my ears and listened. There it was again. It was coming from the back door.

The Curious Case of Sammy Seagull

I ran as fast as I could to the kitchen. I waited and watched, and then I saw-- it. An enormous black paw.

Hi. I'm Stewie

The paw was sticking in through the little doggie door I used. The paw had very sharp claws and I was such a small pup. Slowly, the door pried opened a little more. The creature was coming inside! They imagined what it was like to be all alone at night with a scary creature coming into the house. I would have to face it all alone. Gus whined and put his head down. He covered his eyes with his paws. My tails was sticking straight up—fair warning. Then the creature slowly pulled itself through the door until it was completely inside.

The creature was in the house!

The Adventures of Stewie the Chihuey

Angel halted as though it was too scary to even remember the moment. The pups had never seen a cat but they had heard of their evil ways. Cats are very scary.

It was black as the blackest night and had yellow eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness. He was a tomcat with a large gash in his left ear. The cat just stood there staring at me with those glowing yellow eyes. Angel made her voice tremble to tell the next part. The cat opened its mouth to speak. It had two fangs that looked as sharp as needles. Angel did an impression of the cat as she continued the story. Gus and Hugo backed up as Angel approached them. In their mind they saw only the malevolent black cat, ready to strike with its sharp claws and needle-like teeth.

Angel hissed like a cat and the pups jumped. He was twice my size and cats are very quick. It was surprisingly hard to get right. I held a reader poll to decide whether to stick with the new hair or go back to the original. New Hair won by a narrow margin, which was good because that was what I was going to do anyway.

Or the lady, rather; at this point Mell is feral and swinging from trees in the jungle. One of the things I tried to do in Narbonic was gradually mature Dave from near-complete social ineptitude to the point that he could approach a romantic relationship in an adult way. I had the idea that being able to survive on the island gave him faith in his abilities.

I just did that because I was tired of the beard. He probably gets very tired of listening to his coworkers go on about this sort of thing. Spending a lot of time thinking about gerbil sex is one of the signs that your life has gone seriously awry, but I admit I put some thought into the issue of how Artie experiences sexuality. Male gerbils generally become interested in sex when presented with a female in heat; females go into heat about every week and a half.

In the novel, the dog does have sex with ordinary dogs, because he sees his canine sexual instincts as completely separate from his human-like romantic feelings. With this strip I started adjusting the contrast on Photoshop to make the linework darker. It looks a lot better already.

Island species tend to be extremely vulnerable to invaders from the large land masses where competition is fiercer. Summon now the Dave Patrol!

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Whenever someone asks me where it comes from, I point them over here. Even though Helen seemingly bred exclusively for size and ferocity, the ur-gerbils presumably as a size-effect of enlarging their brains possess mental capabilities for producing written English. O what a rogue and peasant slave am I, Is it not monstrous that this player here Should force his soul to his conceit That from his visage there should come a tear?

Any conspiracy that can put three thousand ducats on the table is a benevolent force of order in MY book! My mother is a grammarian. Where did Dave get those sandals? He was washed up barefoot. The problem with using a thatched roof on an island full of giant herbivores is that they will eat you out of house and home.