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YouTube is a popular destination for DIYers, crafters and toy-manufacturers. Snapchat, resonating with a much younger audience, has developed its own unique set of advertising features and offerings for internet marketers. Part of the battle is knowing when, where, or how to start with internet marketing, while figuring out whether to put effort into organic web traffic or opting to finance for paid web traffic.

Once you get this coveted traffic, will you email people periodically or engage them on social media? Who do you believe? Where do you start? The fact remains that the internet is here to stay and will continue to change the way we reach our customers. Internet marketing is about intercepting those inquiries from people who are ready and willing to engage with your brand.

The only downside is that there are thousands of other businesses competing for the same audiences. Small business internet marketing starts with knowing your marketing objective. Are you looking to spread awareness about your brand or products, convert someone from brand awareness to buyer or take them from buyer to brand evangelist?

Sometimes, you have to start with one marketing objective that could lead to another. Sales could come from this type of campaign as a bonus, but the real aim is reach and awareness. Your ad copy, text image, platform or entire approach may change based on each unique marketing objective. For example, taking a website visitor to an email list subscriber is considered a conversion event.

Other conversion events include purchases, providing additional contact information or event sign-ups. You might check conversion rates for a website landing page, Yelp listing or a Facebook Ad.

Typically, conversion rates are measured in a ratio of audience to action takers. Of those visitors, signups for your email list per day. From here, you can either work to increase your conversion rates with different approaches or you could work to get more web visitors or people subscribed to your email list.

Conversion rates will vary for different industries and platforms. As the internet becomes more of a crowded space, getting organic traffic to your website gets more difficult. Many platforms, especially social media, start off as great places to start marketing because the organic web traffic is plentiful and free. Then, as business users begin to benefit from this traffic, the platform eventually monetize its own web presence through advertising offerings. Many digital marketers used clever long-term SEO search engine optimization tactics for years before Google introduced algorithm changes like the Penguin, Panda, and others that made these tactics ineffective virtually overnight.

The Beginner’s Guide to Small Business Internet Marketing

Many of these seasoned internet marketing gurus found they had to change their web traffic strategy entirely. Some found success on social media platforms while others began paying for traffic with Google Adwords or other internet advertising networks. Though good, white hat SEO techniques still work for organic web traffic, the rules are ever changing among search engines.

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Their attempt to reward high-quality websites, brands and good information has had adverse effects on many internet marketers across the board. At some point, you may have to figure out when your go-to traffic and sales referral sources are no longer sending you quality organic traffic. You may have to eventually invest in paid traffic, through ad networks or social media to get better results.

The Beginner’s Guide to Basic Digital Marketing | Small Business BC

Social media is also a great way to leverage an internet presence. However, customized user experiences means that organic reach on social is limited. Mailchimp is a good, free email marketing tool where you can have a look at a system, test your skills and learn more. And mobile commerce, yep you guessed it, is the process of driving sales on mobile.

So in English that means testing all sorts of things on the website such as layout, design, messages, colours and more!

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To make the site visible for key search terms in the natural SERPS search-engine-results-pages listings. Ever been followed around the web by graphical ads after you have visited a website?

1. What is Search Marketing?

That is known as remarketing. The ecommerce people would know that you visited the Nike trainers page, but did not buy on the first visit, so they would remind you of those lush trainers you really want as you move around the internet. Perhaps you next visit a cash-back site such as Top Cash Back or an voucher site such as My Voucher Codes to see if you can get something in return for your purchase. If you buy using the voucher or claim the cashback this is known as affiliate marketing.

Not forgetting good old email marketing. In the same way that you will see ads remarketing to you on the web, you may also see similar ads on Facebook and Twitter. It works in exactly the same way and the shop only pays when you click on their ad. You may also like their store page on a social network and so by engaging with them, they have yet another way to communicate with you.

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Shopify is a tool that allows you to set-up your own online store. It has a great blog with tons of useful ecommerce info. Businesses that succeed and thrive are usually very good at this. Amazon measure absolutely everything. They have got so good at it that they now test the on page minutia. Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It was launched in after Google bought an analytics company called Urchin.

You will still see urchin in the web tracking code today. AND they offer free training for anyone who is super keen to learn how it works. So there you have it, a whirlwind beginners guide to digital marketing. You must be logged in to post a comment. Get to know us. What is Search Marketing? What is Mobile Marketing? Here is a list of mobile marketing techniques that you may come across if you decide to wrk in mobile: Mobile gaming — development and marekting of games played on mobile. Mobile web — mobile sites or responsive sites developed to work on mobile browsers and all that goes with them.

Mobile search — getting your mobile site found on the mobile web e. Location targeting — the ability of companies to target you with e.

What is Digital Marketing? Step By Step Digital Marketing Tutorial. (click CC For Subtitle)

Augmented reality — think Pokemon Go. Mobile video — Youtube, Snapchat etc. SMS marketing — Text messaging to customers, often used for after-sales communication. What is Social Media Marketing? This one is not so straight-forward. Multi-variate testing Testing multiple versions of the same page to see which combination of elements produces a higher conversion rate.

Customer journey analysis Seeing where customers leave the journey and making changes using the tests described above to push more users further down the journey. What is Email Marketing? This is now more commonly known as Marketing Automation and here are a few of the companies that sit under each umbrella: Email marketing effectiveness is measured using a couple of core metrics: Today technology has evolved so much that you can do all sorts of wonderful things to increase your email open and click-through rates, such as: Personalise your message to an individual e.

A fashoin brand may send images of dresses to women and trousers to men. Show different content to a user based on their previous behaviour. If a user picked out and clicked on a particular pair of trainers last week, send them more reminders of those trainers this week. What is Ecommerce Marketing? Common ecommerce marketing channels include: Search engine optimisation To make the site visible for key search terms in the natural SERPS search-engine-results-pages listings.

Remarketing Ever been followed around the web by graphical ads after you have visited a website? Affiliate marketing Perhaps you next visit a cash-back site such as Top Cash Back or an voucher site such as My Voucher Codes to see if you can get something in return for your purchase.