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Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. Business Culture Gadgets Future Startups. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Creflo Dollar — Atlanta-area megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar is one in a long line of prominent pastors to face accusations of wrongdoing. Dollar was arrested Friday, June 8, , after his teenage daughter alleged he choked her. Dollar has denied the charges , which were later dropped. Here are some other famous scandals involving ministers. When her story unraveled, McPherson, pictured in , was charged with perjury, although she was later acquitted.

Revelations that Jim Bakker had paid former church secretary Jessica Hahn to keep quiet about a sexual encounter raised questions about his finances in the late s. Ted Haggard — A gay escort accused Ted Haggard, then pastor of Colorado's biggest church and president of the nation's largest evangelical group, of paying him for drug-fueled sex in Haggard acknowledged receiving a massage from the man and buying methamphetamine, but he said he threw the drugs away.


His church fired him for "sexually immoral conduct. Eddie Long — In a lawsuit, four former congregants of Bishop Eddie Long's Atlanta-area megachurch accused the pastor of using his position and expensive gifts, such as cars and international trips, to coerce them into sexual acts while they were teens. Long, pictured in , denied the allegations and settled with the young men in Story highlights Link to video asking church members to pledge goes to error page The preacher wants to buy a new jet, as his current one is more than 30 years old The jet would be used to help spread the gospel, Dollar says.

The page featuring the video and information on the fundraiser has been taken down, but those wishing to donate are still able to do so on the church's gift page. The Gulfstream G can fly eight passengers and four crew members, according to gulfstream. The project isn't limited to member donations, as the site states that "we are asking members, partners and supporters of this ministry to assist us in acquiring a Gulfstream G The request goes on to detail that the luxury jet will transport Pastors Creflo and Taffi Dollar and member of the Dollars' church around the globe to help them spread the gospel.

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The video includes parishioners, a pilot, a project manager and even the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, advocating on behalf of the pastor. On the video, the pastor chronicles incidents involving his current jet, which has been in service for more than three decades: Burton, who only turned 30 during filming, had brought an original and manic visual sense to both PeeWee's Big Adventure and Beetlejuice but had never been near an adventure movie in his brief career. Again, Peters was adamant that this particular boy wonder was the right choice.

Classic Feature: The Making Of Batman

Things happen when they're meant to happen. So I saw his first short film Frankenweenie, and I thought it was very inventive. And when I watched Beetlejuice, I was just blown away. Jack Nicholson was the expensive six million dollars plus a healthy percentage , natural and popular choice for the leering Joker, Kim Basinger was drafted in as love interest and photographer Vicki Vale after Sean Young had injured herself in a horse riding accident and the full Batman line-up arrived at Pinewood last October.

Ahead lay a winter of shooting from dusk to dawn and the small matter of building a city fit for a hero putting the world to right. The cockpit is voice-activated, so that a whisper from the driver can make it bulletproof. A grappling cable shoots out of the front hubcaps, while bombs are launched from the rear end. A two-foot replica of the Batwing was also built, complete with explosive charges, for the spectacular crash sequence in the film. The model replica of Gotham City: One was used for views from the model Batwing, the other for aerial shots of the model plane.

Tim Burton stands in the middle of Gotham main street.

In front of him extras go berserk as they flee from the lethal green gas emitted by The Joker's deadly balloons. Behind him is a whole range of cameras and a host of technicians. Burton looks like a cross between Lord Byron and Tiny Tim. His dark trousers hug tightly to his legs, but the rest of his clothes droop off his body as if they're trying to escape, save for his thick black crepe-soled shoes which are clipped on like old-fashioned ski boots.

He never sits down, never shouts, and manages somehow to conduct a series of one-to-one conversations with successive members of his cast and crew at a soft and leisured pace more often found in a bus queue. When asked what attracted him to Batman, he brushes his hair out of his eyes with the back of his hand and smiles with a faint hint of embarrassment. I remember when I was at art school we talked about the three most recognisable images.

So it's a very powerful image. Before we got it right we'd say 'you've gotta move slow' and it would look ridiculous. So we'd say 'right, you've got to dart about like a bat' and then he'd look like a bad silent movie star. We kept laughing about it, because it's like kids playing around, this guy in a Batsuit. We felt we were out in the backyard playing superhero - but with a lot of money. According to producer Peters, "the picture itself will cost a little over 30 million dollars. With prints and ads, it's another 10 or 15 million dollars.

Sacred Sites

Gotham is a bit of a caricature of New York, a timeless American city. You take the New York skyline and squeeze it just a little bit tighter, the buildings would be a little bit taller, bigger, heavier. The juxtaposition of styles would just be a little more cramped together - brownstone, huge metal encasings. I see the sets as an extension of the characters and I wanted to create a playground for these nuts to run around in.

A unique place, not too futuristic, not too period. It could be the present or it could be any time. It's everything a young boy would love to drive. The job of executing Tim Burton's vision fell to Anton Furst, production designer on the movie. His last job was turning London's Docklands into Vietnam for Full Metal Jacket and for Batman he will magically turn these 40 foot high stumps of buildings into thousand foot high skyscrapers on screen. His eyes gleam as he explains the tricks of his trade.

We did it before in The Company Of Wolves where we just had roofs and the bottoms of trees. I don't think the audience ever noticed that they didn't see the rest of the tree because your mind does the rest for you.

Air Disasters

It's the same here. The cathedral we built is a Gaudi skyscraper with elements of Hitchcock's house on the hill. We've taken a lot of period architecture and then locked on a lot of modern architecture. The Flugelheim Museum is a joke on the Guggenheim in New York but taken into an unbelievably industrial look. This is New York without planning permission for years, factories built on top of apartment buildings, fascism, brutalism, any form of uglyism.

The zoning they did in New York was to step back the skyscrapers to get light in the street; we've done the opposite, cantilevering them forward so you get oppressive canyons. Occasionally, though, he resorts to travelling in style in either the Batwing or the famous Batmobile. The Batwing, also designed by Furst, is a jet fighter with foot sickle wings based on the Bat symbol so that it too is a component of the carefully crafted Dark Knight image. In the early hours of this bitter winter morning, however, the Batwing is in serious trouble. It has just crashed in flames at the foot of Gotham Cathedral, Buckinghamshire, and only the specially sculpted Batsuit with its pectoral body armour has saved our hero from a severe roasting.

A trail of flames snakes down the street. A few days later, the same scene will be shot again. This time, though, the Batwing is a two foot replica and the spectacle that is Gotham High Street is now reduced to a five foot high model. Ideally, the model version should have been shot before the full-size action sequence so that the real Batwing could then end up in the same position as the model. Unfortunately, film shoots don't always go according to plan.

Veteran visual effects supervisor Derek Meddings - the man who put Superman into the sky - is used to such last-minute changes. The model's all wired up so that there are charges in the wing and various parts of the fuselage which go off when it hits the road or a car and then it has to explode so it blows off the wing. It's not easy to time all the charges to go off because of the speed we're having to pull it. One is for views from the Batwing, the other for top shots of the plane.

No models, however, can replicate the extraordinary Batmobile, again designed by Anton Furst for the movie. Twenty feet long with a inch wheelbase, it's as black as Guinness, low-slung, with a flaming turbo booster at the back and a pair of machine guns closeted in its aesthetically rounded wings.

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  7. A grappling cable shoots out of its forward hub-caps to enable the driver to execute incredible 90 degree turns while out of the rear hubs come something more lethal: The cockpit is voice-activated and just a whisper from the driver can make it per cent bulletproof. This is an automobile that out-Bonds Bond. In the end, we went into pure expressionism, taking the Salt Flat Racers of the 30s and the Stingray macho machines of the 50s.

    We wanted to get all the intimidation that comes out of Batman's image into the car. Then we came up with this old Chevrolet Impala because it had a proper box chassis and not a sub-frame and we could cut and stretch it to the sizes we had worked out. It would have taken years to put the whole thing on a drawing board and work it out that way, so we decided to sculpt it in polystyrene and then we handed it over to a company called Protocol in London who build custom cars.

    Inside, the cockpit was based on the interior of an aeroplane so I went to British Aerospace and spoke to them about using one of their dashboards. And they said 'Of course you can't use one but here's the company we get our stuff from'. So I went along to this company and they helped us out. With all the hardware in place, the focus of the three-month shoot shifts naturally on to the two men who will make or break this version of Batman at box offices around the world.

    Michael Keaton has the double burden of proving himself in the part and proving the numerous sceptics wrong. Now, still in the first month of filming, he seems to be searching for a secure hook on his dual role as Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight. Robert Wuhl, who plays journalist Alexander Knox, has known Keaton for eight years.

    Bruce Wayne is a guy with far too much on his plate, his mind is a thousand ways, he can't focus, he's taking care of this, that and the other, and he's all over the place until it comes to crime. And then it's right here, he's like a hero, like now. For these interior scenes, Keaton and entourage moved location to Knebworth House, one of England's premier stately homes and occasional rock venue, about 30 miles north of London.

    It's in these domestic scenes that Keaton gets his chance to indulge his undoubted comic talent, enjoying dinner with Ms Vale at either end of a 30 foot table and waltzing her past a disapproving Alfred. Both for Keaton and his onscreen hero, it all forms a necessary break in the strenuous business of waging war on The Joker, a contest that begins when Batman interrupts a heist organised by leading Gotham villain Jack Napier and allows him to fall into a vat of toxic waste. Napier, horribly disfigured, resumes his life of crime as The Joker, determined to concoct a formula to be injected into cosmetics that will twist a victim's face into an awful leer much like his own.

    Classic Feature: The Making Of Batman, Feature | Movies - Empire

    For now, though, Keaton has problems of a more mundane nature. It's extremely restricting and I have to learn to adjust within that. You're not really hearing your voice, not knowing how your voice actually sounds so you have to go inside and trust your instincts that what you're doing is correct. Then came the dad in Mr Mum, a gunfighter in Johnny Dangerously, a hockey player in Touch And Go and, of course, the ghost with the most in 's surprise sleeper Beetlejuice.

    As well as Batman, Keaton will also be seen this year as a reformed addict in Clean And Sober and an intermittently rational lunatic in The Dream Team. Not surprisingly, he was exhausted by the time he arrived at Pinewood. I really wanted to steer away from that square-jawed look in comic books where Batman is a hulking brute because everybody in comics is a hulking brute. Even the bank tellers are hulking brutes. The whole point is that he's not Arnold Schwarzenegger because if he were, then why would he need to put on a Batsuit? He's a classic character, somebody who puts on a costume, very Phantom Of The Operaesque, but instead of hiding physical scars he's hiding emotional scars.

    He's very deep, and very strong. Take the climax of the whole three-month shoot, the final battle between good and evil as The Joker tries to dislodge Batman and Vicki from the parapet of the old cathedral's bell tower. They hang on by their fingertips while the propeller of a wind machine buffets them with rotor wash from The Joker's helicopter. Above them, 40 feet up on a scaffolding stands Tim Burton and his fleet of cameras.

    I love his honesty, because honesty is everything.